Saturday, 10 September 2016

Thank you for your generosity

Malo e lelei

I just wanted to share these DLO's made by my class to say thank you to The Cat Door Company and SureFlap. They are both amazing sponsors who helped us sort a microchip cat door for our school cat.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Spark MIT Ignite Talk for ULearn

Whooo.. I did my practice run today. Was awesome to share in front of the Ako Hiko Leaders.

What's interesting is that I practiced this talk many times and it came in under five minutes, yet during my presentation I went just over five minutes... all whilst trying to catch my breath! Even though I am a teacher, public speaking is not my forte lol!

I had some constructive feedback from the team to improve my presentation - shorten a few slides and make sure the 'oral language' stepping stone information is made clear, cull a bit here and there to allow breathing space for myself, share the link to my site.

All in all a timely experience that I can share with my class (esp as they have speeches coming up in the next couple weeks). Bring on ULearn 2016!