Friday, 6 March 2015

Stop.. Collaborate and Listen!

Wow it has taken me over a month to update my blog.  This is partially due to me travelling to Rarotonga during week two.  So tonight I am going to do a super quick reflection.  Hopefully I can revisit this blog when my brain is rested and refreshed.

Weekly schedule

  • Very busy.  I have been run down since returning from Rarotonga with an illness.  I think this has led to me feeling/being less prepared during the day and I find that I am not leaving my class throughout the day unless I am going to the bathroom.
  • There have been a few unscheduled meetings that for me personally, throw me way of course.  Especially when they are before school meetings.
  • Observations.  I feel like a beginning teacher all over again.  Making mistakes that I have already learned from.  After reflecting on this I have come to the conclusion that 1. I am trying to cover too much and overwhelming myself and the class.  2. Am so focused on adapting my teaching practice to Chromebooks that the fundamentals of teaching are being left out. 3. There is lots of information to take on this year with AFOL, student teachers and MindLab.  I need to sit back and breathe.

School events

  • Successful community day.  Though there were quite a few hick-ups that led to a few grey hairs.  Something for management to reflect on.
  • Feed the kids too.  Touching base with Cain's parents and having them come into school and provide each child with a lunch box.  My reflection is to be more organised as I felt some children took it for granted, were demanding and didn't know how to politely take a lunch box. Next time I will prep all children at assembly or ask staff to do that well in advance.

  • Had Kama in to observe/discuss ICT.  I need to simplify what I am doing.  I have thrown my learners into the deep end and need to take a step back and simplify things. I think I have been too worried about data and expectations of group work etc that I have overlooked effective ways of using Chromebooks for learning.
  • Although Ako Hiko PD discussed remaining documents etc I need to change it and start to push out documents rather than having learners make a copy and rename it.  This will save time wasted during class learning time.

Clean mind, clear ideas
  • After discussion with Kama today, I have decided that I not only confused my learners with so much content but I also confused myself.  I have cleared all 189 emails from my inbox and am back at (0) unread. WOHOOOO! I have also gone through 'my drive' and started to sort my files.  My head is feeling a little lighter now.

My learners
  • Wow..... just wow.  The behavior needs of my learners are extremely high!  With this in mind, I will be reading up on my incredible years notes to see what other strategies I could use with my learners because some of the most 'positive' strategies have minimal impact.  Hmmmm.  I have general conversations with staff about my learners and pick up a few tips here and there.  I feel I don't need to ask management for help (yet) as I am still trialing many other strategies.

My Hauora
  • Not good.  I have been ill since returning from overseas.  I still stayed at work because my learners needed the stability after I was absent a week.  Need to find a work-life balance again.  
Goodness me, this wasn't so short after all. But has been great to think about these things as I write them down.  Now it's 11.24pm on a Friday night and i'm doing this.  I better stop now and start finding that balance.

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