Monday, 23 May 2016

Helping parents comment on blogs

Hi everyone. I've found that a few families have had issues commenting on my class blog. I've updated my settings and made a quick screencastify that shows them how to comment on a blog. I have posted this to my class blog for all to access.

In this screencastify you will also see a 'robot' prompt pop up prior to publishing the comment. This could be a little tricky for parents to navigate. So I modelled what to do by running through the commenting process with my class (I did this by browsing 'incognito') Now they can help anyone who may come across this at home (this can be seen at the end of my screencastify).
Setoga Class: Week 4: How to comment on a blog: Hi everyone.  Welcome back to another exciting week of learning in Setoga class.  This is a brief screencastify that shows you how to commen...

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