Sunday, 9 October 2016

Student agency

Without fail my innovative mind kicks into gear during the last six hours of the weekend. Maybe inquisitive would be a better word to summarise the little sparks flying around in my head.

This time I have...

  • decided to revamp my class site by making the modelling books front and centre of the reading and maths pages
  • created a new weekly overview document that my students will use to plan their maths and reading lessons. They will do this by making a copy of this template each week and filling in the gaps
  • created a google slide to collect these overviews and make them accessible. Students have their own copy of this slide (SmartShare) and will link the document above to the corresponding week.  They will also note their curriculum achievement levels twice throughout the term

I hope this will help my learners understand that they can continue learning with or without the teacher around, develop a sense of ownership over the curriculum and be able to explain where they are at and their next learning steps.  


  1. Hi Christina, this looks like an interesting idea. I love how the students are taking ownership of their learning and time. Good luck with the new templates. I hope they work well.

  2. Thank you Miss McKenna. I've already seen a couple different ways of getting students to organise their learning.. they all look great. Am excited about seeing how this template works out.