Sunday, 5 July 2015

Legal Contexts and Digital Identities [Activity 9]

Upon enrolment each student is required to have a media release form signed.  This gives the school permission to publish the students images and also allows parents to request that their child does not have their picture published.

For our digital classrooms we also have a Kawa of Care document to be viewed and signed by parents and returned to the school as a contract to ensure the Chromebooks are cared for correctly and that parents are aware of how chromebook use is monitored by staff.

As part of an agreement for students to take their chromebooks home, parents must sign the Kawa of Care and attend a minimum of two workshops facilitated by our staff.  These workshops provide information to parents about the importance of monitoring their children whilst they are online and guidelines towards appropriate use of chromebooks as learning tools.

At present there is no social media policy for teachers, but this is currently under review and being drafted.  However, teachers are encouraged to join Twitter, join the Virtual Teachers Network and follow the NZ Teachers Facebook page to further develop their professional learning networks.

These current Social Media documents have been put in place to ensure the safety of our staff, students and families.  Upon review, I hope new documents will be developed to promote the professional development opportunities through social media, which will ensure all staff reap the benefits of social media.

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