Friday, 17 June 2016

Another time to reflect...

I mean, Another time opportunity to reflect..

My class responded well to using screencastify as a reflection tool. In this context I have defined 'reflection tool' as a tool that is used to record active refection as well as a tool to capture learning, which is then listened to and reflected upon. I have found that using screencastify seemed to reignite the enthusiasm around active reflection.  With this in mind I decided to enhance the opportunities to reflect by creating a QR Code Challenge.

This challenge included the use of GAFE tools such as google presentations, google spreadsheets, google drawing, screencastify and QR Codes.  There was also a slight hint of gamification as students had the opportunity to earn a digital badge upon completion of the challenge.

Where does reflection tie into this challenge?
The challenges were based on reflection.  Each challenge had a few bullet points or key ideas to reflect on.  These reflections were recorded using screencastify which was access via a QR code (also created by students).

Instead of reading about me babbling on about this task, have a look through the QR Code challenge I created.  Feel free to post any feedback or questions below.

Here are two student blogs with their 'QR Code Master' badges displayed at the top


  1. This is fabulous. Do you have any links to learners who have achieved their badge?

  2. Thank you Dorothy. These are links to two of my student blogs with the digital badges proudly displayed at the top of their blogs. I'll update my post with their links too :-)