Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Effective Feedback

As always I make sure my learners understand what feedback is, how it helps them with their learning, how to act on it and model how they can provide effective feedback to their peers.  On Tuesday I was trying to locate a 'jump jam' presentation in 'my drive'.  As I was struggling to find it and nearing 'throwing the towel in', one of my students came up from behind me and kindly whispered 'Miss Fortes, it's on our Daily Dig.  Remember you told us we can always find things on there.  Now you have to do it too'. I praised this student as it was timely feedback because while I was trying to find the presentation, most of my class were talking, moving around and restless (who can blame them... their teacher was not prepared).

Then I addressed the class about my expectations around them waiting patiently, showing the Hay Park Way and being respectful learners. I also let them know that I was not impressed with the noise level and number of people walking about. After bringing everything to a halt I then started the first jump jam video.  As the class actively participated in the jump jam I had two of the boys approach me.

Student 1: (nudges student 2) Go on, say it..
Students 2: Oh, Miss Fortes?  Ummm...
Me:  Yes?
Student 2: Oh, you weren't explicitly clear about the instructions.
Me: What do you mean?
Student 2:  You didn't tell us explicitly what you wanted us to do
Me: Are you sure?  I told everyone to find a spot?
Student 1: Uh yes but you didn't be explicit and tell us to sit down or be quiet as well.
Me: (lightbulb moment) Ohhhhh I see.  Yes you are absolutely correct.  I will apologise to everyone and let them know that I was running off the assumption that you could all read my mind
All: (giggles)

This has to be one of my proudest moments to date... getting feedback from my Year 4 students and knowing that they feel comfortable enough to take the risk and correct their teacher.  O for Owsum!

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